Chess pirce bishop frog

Hippity, Hoppity Frogs and Toads

There are approximately 4,800 recorded species of frogs. Frogs are in the amphibian family and like most reptiles can easily live on land or in water. Native American and other ancient cultural folk lore holds that the frog sits squarely between both the underwater kingdoms and the Earth realm. Popularity of frogs in culture range from ancient fairy tales with enchanted frog princes to modern television shows such as Sesame Street with Kermit the Frog. Frogs are popular subjects for items of jewelry.

Stories of frogs and fish falling from the skies may have roots in real events where these creatures are picked up by tornadoes and dumped miles away. Sudden overnight migrations of frogs could be the source of fabled plagues of frogs written about in ancient mythologies. Depending upon the culture, frogs can be seen as bringers of great fortune and wealth, or harbingers of doom used by witches and devils. Poor frogs. Some people believe that touching frogs or toads can cause warts on humans. Not true. Warts are caused by human internal viral infections. Frogs are good, beneficial creatures and important to our environment. Frogs eat insects such as mosquitos and flies, minnows and other fish, as well as small reptiles and mammals.