liberty bell

Bell Ornaments

The bell was probably invented because people got tired tired of having to blow horns, wave flags, yell and jump around to get attention. All bells have clappers, a dangling piece that hangs inside the chassis and hits the inside of the bell when the object is rocked back and forth. How many inventions can you think of that are designed solely for the purpose of making a noise?

Types of bells might include percussion instruments such as party clappers, wind chimes and gongs. Gongs are flat metal discs that sound like a bell when struck by a mallet. Gongs were invented for use as East and South East Asian musical percussion instruments.

Wind chimes and idiophones are forms of bells that people have attributed with spiritual significance and considered conduits of peace and freedom for both secular and religious purposes.

Security bells and alarms warn of possible house and business burglaries. Some people use bells to announce dinner, supper or to call party goers to the barbecue.

Paper bells make cute ornaments to hang on trees or in windows, anywhere bright colorful decorations are desired. Construct a large paper wall-tree with shades of green construction paper. Draw a large tree on a big sheet of easel pad paper to tack onto a wall or other flat surface.

Bell Shape Patterns

The purpose of a bell is to make noise. Bells clang out warnings of impending danger. Ocean coastline buoys are fitted with bells or gongs to sound out warnings to sailors in ships and boats when waves move the buoy. Water buoys are designed to warn seagoing craft to avoid the area, or at least be careful to watch for sharp, shallow rocks, reefs and other dangers that can tear holes in boats and make them sink.