winterwonderland drag & drop game

Winter Holiday Playtime

What is a snowflake animal? Take the quiz! decorate Christmas trees with secular ornaments or holy symbols. Make a silly snowperson with mix and match attire. Solve a Koch snowflake puzzle. Give Santa a platefull of cookies. Take a ski vacation on a winter wonderland of snow.

A Typical snowmen is made with three snowballs, with the largest ball on the bottom followed by two consecutively smaller spheres for the middle and head. Sticks or stripped branches can be used for arms, and rocks or coal chunks are generally used for the eyeballs. Carrots or other vegetables make fun shaped noses. Small rocks can create a smiley face. Sometimes artists like to dress up their little snow people with old hats or scarfs and sometimes old shirts or coats.

Easy drag and drop javascript puzzles designed for young children. Practice valuable mouse skills and improve dexterity with drag and drop javascript games.

Simple games designed primarily for preschool children, allow the player to drag images to decorate a winter scene, Christmas tree, dress a snowman or create a virtual totem pole.

Snowflake Animal Quiz
Decorate a Chrismon Tree
Virtual Christmas Tree
Decorate Christmas Tree
dress snowmenth
Silly Snowman
Fill Santa's Plate Game
Santa's Cookies
Winter Wonder land mountain recreation
Winter Wonderland
Dress the Snow men
Dress the Snowmen
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