concave square string art

Make Curves With Straight Lines

How can straight lines lead to curved lines? String art puzzles are ancient and fascinating optical illusions that seem to magically turn all straight lines into curvy lines.

Materials Needed

  • wood base - pine is good
  • small hammer
  • small nails
  • embroidery string plain or colorful
  • scissors to cut the string
  • ruler
  • pencil or pen

Design String Art

Determine the geometric or desired shape of your design. Use the ruler and pencil to lightly outline the shape. If you need a circle and don't have a compass to draw with grab a cereal bowl from the cupboard and trace a circle shape onto the board. If you want an oval, you're on your own ;-)

Mark the exact corners of your design and mark the spot with a pencil, pen or small marker. Use the hammer to carefully pound one nail into each dot.

Use the ruler to measure exact distances between each post nail and mark a small dot with pencil, pen or marker to where all sides are evenly spaced. It is important that each side of your design is identical otherwise your finished design will be slightly off.

Alternative is to print geometric shapes and trace the patterns onto the wood base using the numbers provided on the patterns as your guide.

Tap one small nail into each side dot. Make sure the nails are in nice, straignt and tight.

Tie colored string or thin yarn to one post nail then string along following the numbers in sequence then stretch the string actoss the board to its corresponding numbered point. Repeat with same or new color.

Geometric string line art games can improve cognitive perception and visual development. Print these designs and solve with ruler, colored pencils or markers to connect matching numbers to unveil a mind-boggling optical illusion.

The magic of string art is in the use of mathematical principles which combined give our eyes the illusion of curved lines while looking at straight lines. Mix colors for a rainbow display.